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Teen Parties

Baby DJ School

Basic Package

Our basic package is four hours long and includes one DJ who spins the music *and* leads games. Included in the  fee are our fun-makers:  a limbo stick and two table top laser lights.

If the room can be darkened to some degree, the laser lights fill the room with moving color and shapes; it’s like a disco ball but more colorful! The package also includes DJ equipment: a DJ controller with light-up buttons and jog wheels that teens can “scratch,” a laptop, a microphone, and a Pro Sound System.


The games are things like freeze dance, follow the leader challenges, dance offs, and dancing to songs with built in motions like the “Cha Cha Slide” “Macarena” or “Hokey Pokey.” Sometimes we have the children act like animals while we play “Animals” by Maroon 5, or have a jumping contest while we play the hip hop song “Jump Around.” Also, we can create games that go with your party’s theme, be it dinosaurs, unicorns, etc


Teenagers can dance longer without much imput from a DJ, so for this age group, the games are usually self-led by the guests on the dance floor when the DJ plays the “Cha Cha Slide” “Macarena” “Cupid Shuffle” or “Cotton Eyed Joe." We can also do dance contests, and since this age is very motivated by prizes, its a good idea to grab a bunch.


Teens generally like a few slow dances. The number one skill is playing the music they want to hear, that does most of the work. This is also a really good time for add-ons like the photobooth, deluxe lighting, karaoke, etc.

We DO NOT provide sunglasses, inflatable guitars, glow jewelry etc. However if you want to buy some, let us know and we can work together to use them most effectively.

We have so much more you can add to the fun! Click the button to your right to learn more about our offerings, including: Karaoke * Deluxe Lighting * Pro Sound System * Photo Booth * DJ Class * * Dancer/Fun-Facilitator *



All of our DJs use the same core music catalogue, which was created and is constantly updated by founder DJ Natalie. It includes a mix of clean top 40 songs, songs from kids' current movie and or musical obsessions (Barbie, Saltburn, Hamilton), teen idol tunes (Taylor Swift for days, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish etc)  and songs that are trending on Tik Tok. Alot of these children also like older songs too, for example: certain disco and pop songs from the 80s/90s they learned from their parents.


All of our DJs are music lovers who prepare unique playlists for each event. They are happy to spin just about anything you are into, from clean current hip hop, to EDM and indie rock. Just let us know the overall vibe and any specific song requests

Music Played

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