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Baby DJ School

Our PRO SOUND SYSTEMS include two high quality speakers on stands, it is included in our mitzvah and wedding packages only. This is recommended for larger groups and venues, or if you simply want the most professional look and the best sound quality. While the Pro Sound System is larger than the single speaker that comes with the basic package, that doesn't mean it's louder. In fact we don’t like to go over 80db or it can hurt the children's ears. However, having high quality speakers elevated on stands means the sound can travel further without distorting or needing to crank the volume up too loud. Additionally, each speaker can point in a different direction and this creates a larger listening range. We've used sound systems countless times without disturbing neighbors or getting the cops called :) The single speaker that comes with our basic package is suitable for parties in an apartment, classroom, or basement with less than 20 kids. The Pro Sound system is better for everything else.

Pro Sound System


We have a FULL KARAOKE package and a MINI KARAOKE package. The full karaoke package  includes our professional Karafun Karaoke system with over 10,000 songs; it comes with two microphones, request slips, a request bowl and pens. Lyrics are projected on a television screen so everyone can sing along. Venues often have televisions available, but if there are none, our Projector and Screen can be rented for an additional fee.

The MINI KARAOKE package is best for younger karaoke stars. There are plenty of children who are want to sing their hearts out into a microphone... but who aren’t necessarily strong readers yet. For these kids, seeing the lyrics projected just creates confusion. What they really want to do is sing along to their favorite song through a microphone in front of their friends. So this package includes two microphones that can be used by the children. These microphones allow children to sing as much of a song as they know, then the DJ fades out and gives another child a chance.


Our quick setup screen, projector and projector stand are great for karaoke, video montages and more.

Deluxe Lighting

Our Deluxe Lighting features 5 moving multicolor lights and lasers that flash to the beat of the music. This is a huge jump up from our table top laser lights: it has more light coverage, more colors and the ability to sync to the music. These lights are mounted high up on a stand which not only looks cool, it means the light won’t be blocked when someone is standing directly in front of it. Here is what the lighting rig looks like in action, but it would just be one of these, there's two in the video:


They break dance! They hand out glow sticks! The lead dances! They have tons of experience running games. If you have a big group and want a person to help hype up the crowd, add a Dancer/Fun-Facilitator

We can weave group DJ lessons into your party one of two ways: the first is the MINI DJ CLASS. With this option, your DJ will use songs, dances and interactive music technology to teach children and adults how to DJ. The “curriculum” is built around our original educational club music. We call this the “concert” version of our class and it works for all group sizes. Everyone gets to sing, dance, and learn something funky; volunteers are called on to try the equipment.


The second option is a FULL DJ CLASS; it includes a real record player, 12 vinyl records and 12 pairs of headphones. This additional equipment means your guests can have even more hands on engagement. We call this the “circle time” version of the class; we all sit in a circle like you would in a mommy-and-me music class and we sing, dance and have oodles of time touching and experimenting with the DJ equipment. The FULL CLASS is appropriate for up to 12 children. In fact, you can actually have up to 16 children share these supplies, but for 17 children or more we recommend the MINI DJ CLASS.


Both DJ lesson packages take up about 30 minutes of party time; sometimes all the lessons happen in one shot, and sometimes they are divided Ip throughout the length of the party.

DJ Class

Face Painter/Balloon Twister

Our Face Painters use the best quality premium FDA approved hypo-allergenic paints, glitters and gems. We are amazing with kids of all ages and are happy to paint adults as well! We can do any design or request. We also offer fun balloon twisting with all sorts of fun designs from animals, characters, unicorns, dragons, wands, flowers, swords and laser blasters, etc.


Our sleek modern booth has a high quality camera, bright studio lights, a backdrop, props and an attentive Photo Booth attendant! After guests strike a pose, photos can be can be shared digitally via email, text or QR code *OR* they can be printed for guests on-the-spot! After the event you can view an online gallery and access all of the photos taken during the event.

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