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Baby DJ School

Basic Package

Our basic Mitzvah package is five hours long and it includes all DJ equipment, a Pro Sound system, a wireless handheld mic, a mic stand and our fun-makers:  a limbo stick, LED hula hoops and two table top laser lights. If the room can be darkened to some degree, the laser lights fill the room with moving color and shapes; it’s like a disco ball but more colorful! Parents often elect to add the deluxe lighting however to get a bigger effect. If you want your DJ to amplify live musicians or run a video montage, they are often able to do so; an additional fee is required.

DJ Natalie utilizes her years of experience with mitzvahs to help parents plan and prepare. She helps families decide what components they do and do not want to include in the ceremony and during the dancing portion, helps create a tight run of show, and liaises with the food and venue folks to confirm the timeline and practical details.


Our Elite DJs are able to emcee/run sound cues/mix music as needed for the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner. After that, the DJ lights up the dance floor, mixes the best tunes *and* lead games! Most mitzvahs require two individuals at a minimum, a DJ and a game leader, to handle these duties. However our Elite DJs have developed a skill set that allows them to do both. This cuts down on costs and makes the whole event feel a little more laid back. But if its dancers and game leaders you want, we can get you those too!

Our basic Mitzvah package is five hours long and it includes:


  • DJ Equipment,

  • Pro Sound System

  • Wireless Handheld Mic/Mic Stand

  • Fun-makers:  a limbo stick, LED hula hoops and two table top laser lights.

  • One DJs who spins *and* runs games.


Examples of games include freeze dance, follow the leader challenges, dance offs as well as dancing to songs with built in motions like the “Cha Cha Slide” “Macarena” “Cupid Shuffle” or “Cotton Eyed Joe." We often lead glow jewelry contests and glow in the dark games. Sometimes we have a jumping contest while we play the hip hop song “Jump Around.” Sometimes we do the classic Mitzvah type games like Coke and Pepsi and Musical Chairs, Four Corners or the many hula hoop games that can be down with our LED HULA HOOPS!. This age group also just loves belting the lyrics of their favorite songs, so we certainly allow time for that :) This is also a really good time for add-ons like the photobooth, karaoke, etc.

This age is very motivated by prizes, so get some! We recommend two large bags of snack size candy and ten unique prizes that range from small (ex: cool pencils and erasers) to large (ex: gift certificates).


Music Selection

Our goal is to select tunes kids love AND songs that will facilitate multi-generational dancing. If the child of honor can make a spotify play list, your DJ can go through and decide which songs are best for dancing, which might be better for cocktail hour, etc.

We DO NOT provide sunglasses, inflatable guitars, glow jewelry etc. However if you want to buy some, let us know and we can work together to use them most effectively.

We have so much more you can add to the fun! Click the button to your right to learn more about our offerings, including: Karaoke * Deluxe Lighting * Pro Sound System * Photo Booth *Face Painter * DJ Class * Balloon Twister * Dancer/Fun-Facilitator *



Examples of Games:

  • Freeze Dance,

  • Dance Offs

  • Line dances like “Macarena”

  • Coke and Pepsi

  • Musical Chairs

  • Limbo

  • LED Hula Hoop Relays



Examples include:

  • Karaoke

  • Deluxe Lighting

  • Dancer/Fun-Facilitator

  • Photo Booth

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